About Gluten Free Dad

Wedding PhotoWelcome!  This blog is a family journey through gluten-free living.  We started writing it when Kevin was diagnosed as having a gluten intolerance after years of him feeling sick all the time.  While it wasn’t what we wanted to hear, it was certainly a relief to know what was wrong – finally.  We know this is a situation a lot of people can relate to.

We’ve had to make the change from convenience foods to real foods – which has been a game-changer for us as busy parents!  It has turned out to be a great change for our whole family’s health, though.  We’ve moved away from processed foods, fast foods, and foods in boxes.  Better eating for the whole family has been the silver lining to the health issues – surprisingly, we were able to ditch the convenience and enjoy cooking with fresh veggies, meats, and spices.

Whether you’re going gluten-free out of necessity, by choice, or trying to cook for friends or family who are living gluten-free – this blog is meant to host a collection of real, everyday foods.  (Things that everyone can eat, without feeling like they’re on a diet too.)  We hope you enjoy the recipes our family does!