Meet Adrianne

AdrianneHi, I’m Adrianne, and I’m sure if you’ve browsed through our growing recipe collection that I write the bulk of those posts.  Kevin cooks, and I snap a few photos and write it down.  See, I blog over at Happy Hour Projects, so the blogging end of business is really familiar to me.  Kevin still writes when he feels like it, but if you’re wondering why you see my name on a man-blog… well, we know our strengths and weaknesses in our house.  It’s what good teams do! I’m a wife and mom.  I’ve got a full-time day job and my own blog too.  I LOVE getting crafty, and I work especially on a lot of handmade jewelry designs.  I read when I have spare time (hahahaha) and I also really love to write.  What I do not love?  Cooking. (Weird for a foodie blog, right?)  But that’s why it’s so great that Kevin has enjoyed spending so much time in the kitchen these days. I love fruity martinis, Starbucks, getting my nails done… um, all the stuff that you don’t get nearly as often as you like when you’re a parent of 2 kiddos.  That’s fine, though – parenting is worth it!  It just makes bedtime that much sweeter, because Kevin and I can watch some Gordon Ramsay and John Taffer on DVR, and kick back together. I’m so glad you stopped by and got to know us! Adrianne Signature